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Mohammad Albizreh

  Mohammad Albizreh


My brother went on Work and Travel program years ago and have always talked about his experience and the fun he had so I decided to participate in this program for summer 2019.


My job was theme Park worker at Six Flags in New York City, it was an amazing job full of challenges that changed my prospective towards my future goals. I met many of Jordanian students who were working at the same place so I established many friendship relationships with them and with the staff, they were so helpful with energetic vibes toward working and hanging out after working hours end.

I have visited many states during my stay like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington and New York City and it was amazing to see the nature, museums and towers and much more. The idea of Work and Travel and exchanging culture is something great, it taught me how to communicate with different mentality, how to be independent, how to think outside the box, how to get out of my comfort zone and showed different side of the world and many more I hope I can live this experience again and get the chance to meet with all the friends I made.                                                                     .