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High School in USA

You can complete high school in public, private and boarding schools in America, Britain, and Australia.

High School Culture Exchange Program in America.

The US High School Programs is the best way for high school students to become a part of an international community. This is a full-year program that includes accommodation with a US host family while studying at US schools. It gives students the opportunity to test life in another country. There is no better way to learn a new culture and language other than by living and studying in the country.
The participant in this program needs to demonstrate the personal skills and abilities necessary to manage life for a whole year away from home. These skills are maturity, flexibility, understanding, honesty, integrity and a sense of responsibility.

The US High School Programs cover an academic year of 10 months and includes accommodation with a host family where the program begins in August of each year for students between 15-18 years of age. The participants in the program are selected - to have the required skills as motivation, maturity, and mentality, all of which are definitive to the student's success in the program. Students are distributed to host families throughout the United States from the smallest city in Iowa to the suburbs of Boston. The student must be efficient in all areas while he or she is with the family and the host community.


The Program Includes:

- High-level educational schools.
- Accommodation with carefully selected host families.
- 24 hours supervision and guidance provided by the local coordinator in the host community.
- Comprehensive health insurance
- Organized trips and tours to various places in the USA.
- A student guide that contains all that matters to the student before leaving.
- US Official Document DS-2019 which allows students to apply for the J-1 visa category.
- Three-day preparatory seminars in the USA including meals, educational tours, and workshops to - prepare the participant to adapt to life upon arrival in America.


Benefits of the Program:

  • Cultural integration to help with learning about other cultures
  • Studying in an American high school in English
  • Enhancing the personality of the participant
  • Experiencing the daily life in the USA
  • Improving English comprehension and speaking skills
  • Self-reliance
  • Traveling abroad and how to adapt to foreignness

Program Duration:
The program starts in August of each year. Registration is from January 1st-31st.

Terms of Participation

- The student must be between 15-18 years of age and must not have completed 11 years of school or graduated from high school.
- Studying English in an academic environment such as a school or specialized language school for a minimum of three years.
- Having communication skills and competence required to communicate with students at school as well as with the host family.
- Getting the minimum grade of 65% in the English language level test.
- Submitting the school grades for the current year and the previous three years and transfer the grades into the American grades system. These statements must prove that the student's GPA (Grade Point Average) is not less than 2.5 from 4.00 average based on the American grade system. - Students who failed in one of these years of the program won’t be accepted.

Having the necessary personal qualifications such as intellectual maturity and openness will enable him or her to spend a full school year in the USA away from home and school.


Required Documents
The follow-up of the application requires at least three months depending on the date of receipt of the application. You must be aware that choosing a high school and host family in the USA is not an easy task but requires time and effort.


If you wish to join the program, you must prepare the following papers:

  • A copy of your passport page with personal information
  • Transcript of the current school year and the past three years
  • Recommendation letter from the English teacher at your current school
  • Up to date vaccination record
  • A letter is required to be written by the student to the host family explaining the reasons why he/she wishes to participate in the program and what he/she expects from it
  • A letter from the student's parents to the host family
  • 10 personal photos (5x5) white background (US Embassy photo).
  • Minimum 6 photos of the student with his family and friends.

The student must take into account that we will provide him with all the necessary forms to complete the registration procedures and that he may be asked to bring or fill in other applications.


Our Services

  • Helping to find an American high school host
  • Helping to find an American host family
  • Assistance in obtaining the official American documents required to apply for a visa, which is included under the programs of cultural exchange in the US State Department.
  • Providing you with comprehensive information about living and studying in the USA before leaving home.
  • Providing support and assistance in the USA
  • Providing you with an USA emergency phone number available 24 hours a day.
  • Providing staff for counseling and guidance throughout the program in Portland, Maine.
  • Training and preparing for the visa application and the meeting with the Consul at the USA Embassy.
  • Travel and ticketing service.
  • Providing comprehensive Health insurance during your stay in the USA
  • Assistance in obtaining social security number.
  • SEVIS registration service.
  • Student reception and assistance upon arrival at JFK Airport.


One night with breakfast in New York upon arrival.