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English Language Course

English remains the most important language; the majority of people speak it across the world. It has become significant for you to master the language so that you can study or work almost at any place in the world. If you are already thinking about your future and would like to achieve your dreams, then you should enroll in a program that will help you achieve your ambition.

We, at Divan International, have been teaching the English language to the students for a long time and helping them achieve professional success in their life. We offer professional courses to the students that will help them acquire skills in reading and writing English, thereby enriching their career. We have an accomplished team of experts that handle the language classes for students. We offer the expertise of our team of tutors through the classes and help students in learning the language in an efficient manner.

Learning the language in a native speaking country helps in grabbing the language quickly as you have to talk with everyone around in English. When you study in one of our partnering institutions, you get the best environment to acquire the skills of speaking, reading and writing the English Language.


Our Language Programs

Courses for Juniors (Aged Below 18)

We offer courses for children so that they can learn basics of the language. We integrate them with sports activities, trips and entertainment and allow them to learn in a fun-filled manner. For more information, you can check out the Summer Camps that are conducted every year.


Courses for Adults (Aged Above 18)

These courses period ranges from two weeks to one year at all levels and is available throughout the year. These courses help students to raise the level of language and help them get admissions in universities or getting a job.


Customized Courses
These courses are for individuals and employees, who are looking to learn the language and focus on their area of specialization like Business, Law, Management, etc. This course raises the skills and provides the trainees with better opportunities.


Career Development Program
This is an intensive program for assisting individuals to realize and achieve their potential. This is done by providing information on the skills that can be acquired in the English Language so that you can learn and develop those skills practically. This also allows you to be qualified for the certificate exam EDEXCEL that is offered only to schools in the UK. We have an excellent Career Development Program specifically for students who need to master the language and need to get evaluated for EDEXCEL.


Study Program
Students can study for 23 hours in a week with the option of studying three to nine units for a period of either six, 10 or 16 weeks. This depends on the program chosen at the time of enrolment in this program.



Language Learning In Britain
Students can also get trained in Britain as we offer Study Program for young individuals of 18 years of age. The program not only allows them to learn speaking skills but it also focuses on learning job skills. Through this program, students gain confidence as they learn the language in a British community. This will enhance their CVs so that they can get better job prospects in the future. Once they complete this program, they will be awarded National Council Certificate for Further Learning (NCFE), the third body examinations of the UK. Additionally, students will also have the option of getting a Cambridge degree (UCLES).

This program focuses on improving the skills of an individual and hence, theoretical as well as practical training is given. The duration of the program is 27 to 35 weeks, depending on the student’s level of English.


Why Choose This Program?

This program provides participants with the opportunity to combine academic study with a period of practical training. Our goal is to increase your experience and your confidence by enhancing your skills in the workplace and raising your awareness of the demands of the professional environment.
Enables you to take advantage of the cultural and social elements that comes with immersing yourself in all aspects of everyday working life in the United Kingdom – Britain
You will work towards an internationally recognized qualification at the same time gaining valuable experience in a professional work environment while working as an intern in a British company


English Language Course for MBA Degree
This program is for those students, who want to pursue MBA in English-speaking universities. It provides Business Management training in English and hence, prepares them for the entrance exam that is required for admission to MBA universities.

The basic duration of the course is 36 weeks but if students are quick to grab the language and the required skills, they can complete in 12 or 24 weeks. The preparatory year for MBA will give them better chance for getting admission into the university as there is a lot of competition from the best students across the world. Our program also includes one-month practical training for the preparation of MBA.

As we provide courses in many countries, many students face the problem of accommodation. Hence, we provide accommodation to all the students along with breakfast and dinner. We have many years of experience in this field and thus, we have special partners across the world. These people help students get used to the life in the foreign country. Students can choose Single or Double Bedded rooms according to their needs with all of them being comfortable and safe.


 Benefits of Choosing Our Programs

  • We are a global institution and thus several international students enroll in our programs.
  • You get to connect with students of diverse culture and gain more knowledge.
  • We offer short term and long term courses with the option of different weekly study hours to suit every student.
  • The tutors at Divan International are highly qualified and have lots of experience in assisting and teaching students across the world.
  • We offer flexible schedules so that students can start their courses at any time of the year.
  • We offer courses of all levels, starting from Beginner to Advanced level.
  • We arrange accommodation, food and airport transfers for the students enrolled in our courses.
  • We provide all the information about the country of study so that students have a pleasant experience during their stay.
  • We also give tips to get a visa for the country you are moving to for studying the course.
  • Various activities, excursions and educational programs are held during the course duration.



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