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Husam Kharabsheh

 Husam Kharabsheh

At the beginning I was scared and not totally confidante for the idea of moving out side Jordan to live and work in a new country that has different language, culture, religion and traditions. In summer 2019 my life changing experience has begun. I arrived the United States in early June and started working as a Steward at Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was hard in the first two weeks but with the help of the friends and staff there and continues encouragement I managed to survive and continue this experience.


Working there enriched my organizational skills as it was mandatory at the job so when I came back I applied this skill into my life and it our culture males do not do house work as their mother and sisters (if there is any) will do that for them but after this job I am helping my mother in the kitchen and she got impressed and I think I will keep doing that every once a while.


I have travelled to Maryland, Washington, New York and Philadelphia but the first state I visited it we rode the Train within the city of New York that experience was phenomenal for me, I have not seen train in my life except TV.


This experience has totally changed my personality in all aspects, I am more confident, more social and more open to the world. I wish I could visit United States again in the coming years.

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