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Abdallah Hudali

Abdallah Hudali

I travelled  multiple times to the States for family vacations/visits then I decided to join Work and Travel program due to the impact left on me from my friends and relatives there in terms of the skills that will be increased and enhanced if I experience working and living  in the states. This motivation has encouraged me to try living independently for four months in the States and will unleash my fears of living alone anywhere in the world.


I worked in Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire as Adventure center attendant, this experience allowed me to witness and live a new lifestyle through my friends, the staff I worked with and customers, it changed my attitude towards people especially not to judge others or ask random questions. I am glad that I have gotten the chance to work and try the service field before graduating and become a Dental Sergeant.


I made new friends that I am still in touch with till now, we shared cultural tradition, sports, cooking and living habits. We had so much fun and memories. Now I am planning after graduation to continue my studies in the United States and meet them