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Faisal Hamdan

 Faisal Hamdan


I worked as a ride operator in one of the largest Amusement parks in North America called Cedar Point in Ohio State in summer 2019.


For me this summer was a life changing experience. I consider myself  lucky for living this experience I had a great summer full of adventures and stories to tell, especially that there was more than 20 nationalities in the park, I learned a lot from being in a new environment and dealing with people from different backgrounds and different mentalities, this  helped me in opening my eyes and expanding   my mentality to a brighter future ,I learned how to be a team worker, how to focus more on my  future plans/goals  and how to face my fears from doing new things. I met and made a lot of new people from all over the world, they show me that distance can’t be an obstacle between people. Also, my roommate Stephan, an American guy, helped me a lot during this experience and taught me the American accent.

The most important thing that I would like to share with my family and friends after living with people from all over the world that love is what gather people and that language, religion, color and nationality can’t be an issue. Also, I have learnt from the American society to be optimistic and to keep smiling all-time even if I am broken or down and to respect the rules and the people even if I don’t like them. A big thanks for CIEE for giving me this opportunity that has changed my personality and made me a better person.